New Accordions For Sale

We manufacture a full range of New Accordions including Standard, Cassotto, Diatonic and Chromatic Accordions. All Manfrini Accordions are covered by a 5 year guarantee.

Most of our accordions are made to order giving you the option to get exactly the specifications you want in your new accordion at a competitive price. We also keep a limited stock of New Manfrini Accordions and used accordions. Used accordions are serviced by us and come with a 2 year guarantee.

Accordion Tuning and Repairs

Tuning an accordion takes time and patience and should only be undertaken by a professionally trained accordion tuner. At Manfrini, Robert Rolston trained in the Borsini factory in Castelfidardo, Italy in the late 1970's and early 1980's and Patrick Jackman spent 3 years in Castelfidardo, Italy from 2008. With our extensive experience we can provide a professional tuning and repair service from replacing a reed to a complete overhaul. Free estimates are available and we can arrange pick up of your accordion for you.

Accordion Accessories

We provide a range of accessories including cases, gig bags, shoulder straps, microphones and midi. All of which are made in Italy.

About Manfrini Accordions

Robert Rolston has a wealth of experience in the Accordion Industry spanning 5 decades. He has worked closely with many manufacturers in Castefidardo, Italy and started his own production of Manfrini Accordions in 2008.

Robert Rolston did much of his training in Italy, learning everything there was to know about the accordion which included an intensive training course in tuning with the renowned accordion tuner Socrate in Castelfidardo.