About Manfrini Accordions

Manfrini Accordions - Robert Rolston

Robert Rolston

Robert has in excess of 40 years experience working within the accordion industry. Robert has worked closely with many factories in Castelfidardo and in 2008 moved to Italy to expand his accordion repair business to include all types of repair work. During this time Robert discovered it was possible to make his own instrument and developed the Manfrini Accordion. In 2011 Robert came back to Scotland to promote the Manfrini Accordion and to further advance his accordion repair business.

Manfrini Accordions - Patrick Jackman

Patrick Jackman

Patrick has worked with Robert for many years and like Robert did much of his training in Italy. Patrick uses traditional methods to valve and wax accordion reeds into their corresponding reed blocks for Manfrini Accordions. He also uses these skills for refurbishing accordions of any make in need of repair.

We manufacture Manfrini Accordions

The original Manfrini Accordions company ceased to trade in 1983 and we reintroduced the name in 2008 while living in Italy. Our aim was always to produce a high quality instrument which over time has been achieved with the many improvements we have made.  Read our Google reviews to see what our customers think of their Manfrini Accordions.

We repair any make of accordion

We can make any type of repair, from tuning to a full overhaul (re-valving, re-waxing and tuning). No repair is too small or too large and you can rest assured we have the training to carry out the work professionally. Click here for more information. Read our Google reviews for peace of mind.