John Lyttle

5 Star rating.
07 May 2024

Robert has worked on two of my Diatonic Accordions with one being a Paolo Soprani Elite 2 tuned in DG.  He converted it from DG to BC tuning with hand finished reeds.  The result was excellent. My Notturni 3 Row box needed an air bar fitted and some cosmetic work, plus tuning.  Collected it yesterday and the finished accordion was first class.  Brought the accordion to better than new with perfect tuning and a very professionally fitted air bar.  Would highly recommend the work done by Manfrini.  I also own a Manfrini Artisan 3 row accordion with full midi and absolutely love it.

Ian O'Rourke

5 Star rating.
14 March 2024

Fantastic restoration undertaken by consummate professionals. I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Jacek Kłąb

5 Star rating.
15 June 2023

A very professional company. I bought a great Borsini accordion, I got answers to all my questions and recordings of the sound of the instrument before purchasing. The accordion arrived quickly and very well packaged. I am very satisfied and wholeheartedly recommend this company.

Janet Dodd

5 Star rating.
21 Jan 2021

I contacted Robert after seeing he had a secondhand Vignoni 120 bass compact double cassotto (fantastic wheeled case included) for sale. He hosted a video call to demonstrate the instrument and also showed me the inside of it. Read More

He answered all of my questions and concerns about buying a secondhand instrument without being able to try it out first and with the knowledge that I could send it back with a full refund within 14 days prompted me to buy it. It arrived a couple of days later, it was well packaged surrounded in polystyrene in a box, the bass section had been stabilised with 2 strips of cardboard inside. I was really impressed with the care that had been taken. Not a mark on it, it looked like a brand new accordion and plays like one. I’m so pleased with it and can’t praise the service enough. Many thanks

Joe Desmond

5 Star rating.
10 Jan 2021

I have just taken delivery of my new manfrini artisan special 37,/120 4 musette accordion and I am absolutely delighted with it Roberts reputation as an accordion tuner is well known so I had total confidence in him. Read More

I told him what I wanted and he gave me exactly what I asked for. The accordion is a joy to play with a rich full musette and a slick fast keyboard to match. He is a gentleman to deal with. And has a wealth of experience and knowledge. All I can say is if you are in the market for a new accordion give Robert a call. Highly recommended.

John Mullen

5 Star rating.
02 Jan 2021

Some years ago I was given an old and very tired accordion by a family member. I took it to Robert at Manfrini Accordions and I was met in a very friendly, open manner. After having a look at it, Robert took it in and a short while later he had transformed it into a superb instrument which is still in use by my son today. Read More

Since then I have bought several Manfrini instruments all beautifully made and tuned to suit my own preferences. Nothing was too much trouble for Robert and with great patience he listened to what I wanted and offered advice and recommendations where possible. Robert is a truly excellent instrument technician for any repairs and tuning on all types of accordion. I have seen Patrick at work on the reed blocks and it is a such a pleasure to watch; such care and attention to detail is part of what puts Manfrini accordions at the top. Manfrini is where I will always go for anything accordion related. Robert and Patrick are real gentlemen who take time out to hear what you have to say and offer solid advice while making the best accordions. The coffee is always good too.

Robin Richardson

5 Star rating.
15 Aug 2019

My accordion needed tuning/servicing-after Robert did the work, it plays like a brand new instrument, both the tuning and the tone quality. Costs in line for skilled technician/craftsman work. Would very highly recommend.

David Morrison

5 Star rating.
06 May 2019

I recently had my 20 year old Borsini K9 overhauled by Robert and Patrick. The accordion had never been serviced in all the time I've had it and it's been gigged continuously during that time, Read More

including when people used to be able to smoke in venues so you can only imagine what it must have been like inside. It’s been around the block a few times! They removed all the reeds from the blocks - treble and bass, cleaned them, re-valved, re-waxed them in and re-tuned the whole accordion. There were some minor repairs done to other parts too. I really do have to say that it's like a new box. The difference is amazing and it’s never sounded better. I’ve known Robert for many years and bought several accordions from him and every time he’s gone the extra mile to make sure I was happy with them and were just what I wanted. Nothing was too much trouble. He’s always been a pleasure to deal with and his knowledge of accordions must surely be difficult to match. I can say categorically that the quality of Robert and Patrick's work is absolutely first class and I highly recommend them for any work needing done to your accordion. Thanks again!!

Yate Mo

5 Star rating.
10 Feb 2019

I contacted Robert as a large Bassoon reed in my 1984 Guilietti 120 Bass accordion had fractured. Sourcing replacements for this is not easy. Robert not only supplied the reed within a couple of days but it arrived tuned as required and was a perfect tonal match to the existing reed set. Perfect - thank you very much Robert.

Gordon Shand

5 Star rating.
04 Jan 2019

Difficult to know where to start with this review as I have known Robert for such a long time however for the purposes of this review I will start off from when Robert & Patrick both returned from Italy and set up Manfrini Accordions, initially in Alloa. Read More

My eldest son, Clelland started accordion at 8 years of age and when he was asked to do a school project on accordion and how they were made there was only one person in mind, Robert Rolston.Robert had previously sold myself accordions in the past and I always found his knowledge of the instrument second to none and most importantly for me I always found his advice to be genuine. When I contacted Robert to ask if it would be ok to bring Clelland along to his workshop so he could get some information for his school project he simply said "Yes Off Course". It was when we visited his showroom/workshop that I got my first introduction to Manfrini Accordions and I could see straight away that they were built to a high standard. It is worth noting at this point that Robert manages the manufacturing process of the Manfrini Accordions and the accordion shell, keyboard etc are all made in Italy by craftsmen selected by Robert. He then finishes off the process in his own workshop in Tillicoultry with Patrick installing the Reeds and Robert himself carrying out the final checks and Tuning. Forward a few years and Clelland now age 11was looking for a new accordion and his teacher had advised probably best to find a nice double cassotto, it was at this point that I contacted Robert to speak to him in detail about the possibility of making an Instrument for Clelland. I can honestly say from that first discussion that nothing was too much bother, we had a choice of colours, fittings, bellows, couplers, reeds etc however I will admit i was guided by Robert on certain aspects like the Reeds. We decided to go for a 34 key,96 bass Artisan with two sets of Reeds in the Tone Chamber. I asked him to put the writing cassotto next to Artisan just to distinguish between the non and cassotto model, again it was no problem. From place of order it took approximately 4 months for the accordion to arrive however in between times we received pictures from Robert of how the instrument was progressing over in Italy. When it arrived the first thing that struck me was the sound. This model is 4-voice on right hand and it was bright and very powerful. Robert put a nice tuning on it that was good for Scottish traditional music however also worked well for Continental and other types of music. I don't play the piano key very well however I couldn't resist picking it up and the keyboard also impressed me as it was fast and very quiet. I have played many top quality instruments over the years but this model with Binci hand made Reeds is right up there for me. The Left hand has 5 couplers and again the bass end sounds great and has a good choice of light or heavier bass sounds. Clelland loves his instrument and although at some point may benefit from going to a 37 key he has already mentioned that he will never want to part with his 34 key! Pictures show Clelland on the right hand side with his 4-Voice Double Cassotto Artisan and his younger Brother Inver with his 3-voice 96 Bass Artisan. A review of Inver's Accordion will follow shortly.

J Clarke Hughes

5 Star rating.
29 May 2018

Robert Rolston is a repair wizard with accordions and his knowledge is unmatched in the industry! Professional, quality and timely service assured. Whether you are looking for a repair or to purchase look no further! My 1960s Galante was virtually rebuilt with a new engine - and I am absolutely delighted with the result. Thanks Robert!!

Sylvia Sweeney

5 Star rating.
19 May 2018

Absolutely delighted with my latest Manfrini with Continental tuning - absolutely spot on for the pieces I like to play. Quite different sound to my first Manfrini , which was also tuned to perfection for the Swiss pieces I like to play and was greatly complimented for its sound on it’s visit to Switzerland. Robert and Patrick offer a great service for all accordionists. They really listen to what you are trying to achieve and then deliver exactly what you require. A very professional service and a great product. Top work guys! Definitely 5 gold stars!

Siri Caplan

5 Star rating.
08 May 2018

I love Manfrini! You get a friendly and helpful personal service from Robert; and you also get a superb artisan-made accordion. You can select one of the models held in stock - or if you have the patience to wait you can select the model you want, in the colour you want, with the reeds you want, tuned the way you like; and your accordion will be made your preferred specifications. Although not cheap, the prices are very competitive compared to the higher-end off-the-shelf models available in shops.

Michael Rochon

5 Star rating.
22 Aug 2017

Contacted Robert to discuss the refurbishment of my old Paulo Soprani and was impressed with the service from start to finish - very professional and most importantly the accordion is back to its best.

G C Plasterers Decorators

5 Star rating.
18 Mar 2017

I have purchased many accordions from Robert Rolston and i have to say my latest accordion is a 96 bass Manfrini in wood effect is fantastic the best one i have bought so far especially once Robert tuned it to my specifications and also lowered my keyboard. fantastic job and accordion. I would recommend Manfrini accordions to everyone very professional indeed.

Sandy Flett

5 Star rating.
02 Mar 2017

Some years ago I ordered a Pigini P36 34/72 piano accordion (from dealer in England), 3-voice MMM, and asked for Scottish musette tuning. It is a delight to play, but increasingly I found its commercial reeds lacking in power and dynamic range, and the tuning was mellower than I wished. As everything else about the box was fine I asked Robert if it would be feasible to replace the treble reeds with the hand-made reeds used in his Manfrini accordions and tune it to “proper Scottish musette” like in the Artisan model I had tried. Read More

Robert was very helpful and after a bit of a wait the modification was done and I am delighted with how it has absolutely transformed my Pigini. It is so much more powerful, responsive, easier to play, uses less air, and has a great musette sound (I may get Robert to ease the offset on the higher notes, which he is happy to do). I got a bass mic fitted at the same time and it is as good an amplified accordion sound as I have heard from any box. The price was commensurate with the excellent quality of work done and service provided. All told an excellent outcome, and well worth the few months’ wait.

Ian Mackenzie

5 Star rating.
01 Mar 2016

Robert is a lovely man the upmost professional with a rich knowledge of Accordions Very friendly and helpful Looking forward to seeing him and the brilliant range of Manfrini s .