Accordion Tuning & Repair Service

Repairing an Accordion is labour intensive with a good 50 hours being spent on the average refurbishment, a good job takes time. Servicing your instrument on a regular basis helps keep your accordion in top condition.

Manfrini Accordions offer free estimates on all repairs and tuning for any make of accordion. Many estimates can be made over the phone and we can arrange to have your accordion picked up and delivered back to you on completion of the work.

Here we see a reed being cleaned. We use a sonic tank to remove remnants of glue, old wax and any dirt that has built up over years of playing. This process also includes an anti rust treatment as well as cleaning.

Following the cleaning process the reed tongues are reset ensuring optimum response. A badly set tongue can be the cause of a lack of compression. With this stage complete the reeds are ready to be valved and ultimately waxed back into their blocks.

The reeds have been placed on the reed block and Patrick is now applying the wax insuring an absolute seal between the reed and the wood of the reed block.

These reed blocks were for a new Manfrini Esperto but the same care and attention is taken with reed blocks from customers accordions in the workshop for refurbishment as demonstrated below.

Robert Rolston did much of his training in Italy, learning everything there was to know about the accordion which included an intensive training course in tuning with the renowned accordion tuner Socrate in Castelfidardo. The pictures show Robert tuning an accordion bass in the same way it's been done in Italy for generations.